Institute of Bioresource and Agriculture (IBA) serves as a professional platform to vitalize the agricultural industry, to conserve the bioresource and biodiversity, and to cultivate the public education on sustainability practices in the community.


IBA will endeavor to:

  • Develop the research infrastructure to provide research support towards sustainable agriculture and indigenous biological resources management,
  • Cultivate a new generation of professionals to prepare for the new era of development in the agricultural sector in Hong Kong due to the implementation of the New Agricultural Policy of the HKSAR Government,
  • Develop education modules to assist farmers to move towards professionalism in their trade through knowledge enhancement and technology advancement,
  • Educate and raise the awareness of the public on sustainable consumption of biological resources through living a sustainable and organic life style as part of the sustainable development in Hong Kong,
  • Establish an interactive “Learning Centre on Bioresource and Sustainable Living”, and
  • Develop a sustainable product database and guideline to facilitate the public and the trade to enact sustainable living and operation, respectively.


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Room 1201,
Chan Wu Wan Kwai SCE Tower,
Hong Kong Baptist University,
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong