The Baptist University is to use a HK$18 million gallery to help people learn about sustainable lifestyle through a futuristic, interactive game.

The 2,500 square-feet centre, called S Gallery, is located in the university's Kowloon Tong campus and will be open to public on November 29.
The centre is designed to set a stage in you are transported to the year 2100 and a devastated Earth is given its last chance to survive. Each visitors is given a mobile phone-like device to pick their choices through a QR code for your life and even use virtual reality headsets to create some scenes. At the end, the carbon footprint of your products are tallied to show if the choices you made are taxing the planet too much. 


The centre is a part of the initiatives of the University's Institute of Bioresource and Agriculture, which had secured a HK$37 million donation from a HSBC charity programme to promote sustainability and agricultural development in Hong Kong. Professor Jonathan Wong, who's the head of the gallery, said those interested can visit the exhibition for free as long as they pre-register online. He told RTHK's Priscilla Ng that he hopes the centre would be able to teach students and the public how to live a sustainable life.





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